An Open Letter to Senator McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

I know that you suffered greatly for our country. I cannot imagine how difficult it was living in that hell-hole in Viet Nam. I cannot thank you enough for your sacrifices.

You are an American hero.

I would go to war to fight, and even die to protect our right to free speech. I deplore anyone who is compassionate with the views of the KKK or any similar organization, but if they cannot express their beliefs freely, neither can anyone else.

Senator, we have all encountered the ranting of a drunk lunatic on a street corner and have may be walked away feeling sorry for the person; sympathetically shaking our head while thinking "but for the grace of God go I".

Sir, with heartfelt reverence, there are acts which transcend free speech; acts which are not only abominable, but inexcusable.

According to, the Republican National Committee recently mailed out flyers to Virginia voters. The first image the recipient sees is a silhouette of three people in an airport lobby watching a jumbo jet inches away from the exterior glass enclosure of the building.

In different sized fonts, splashed across the top of this shocking image is printed "TeRrOriSts." Written below, in bold yellow letters is "Don't Care Who They Hurt."

The "TeRrOriSts" part resembles a television episode where a serial killer uses random newspaper clippings to send a ransom note in a kidnapping. The bold yellow words trigger recollections of the Fox TV program "24."

Then, Mr. McCain, when you open the flyer, you see a large picture of Obama where it says "Barack Obama, Not Who You Think He Is."

Sir, do you condone the implication that Barack Obama is a terrorist?

If you do sir, please say it plainly so we, the voting demos, are clear where you stand.
Conjuring images from 9-11 with the words "Barack Obama, Not Who You Think He Is." is no longer politics Mr. McCain.

Politics is rough and tough and yes, dirty. In an election you expose an opponent's infidelity because to some degree this has to do with the character of the person. But this crosses lines unimaginable. This tactic is no longer about country first. This is no longer about honor or respect. This is no longer about democracy. This is no longer acceptable.

Senator, republicans seeing Obama as a terrorist has already been satirized on the cover of New Yorker magazine. This flyer is no joke.

With all due respect sir, I cannot believe a man who has served his country like you have would stand for, allow, or tolerate such a libel. Sir, your party is dividing America with these tactics in such a way that we may never be the same again. As a liberal, I try to understand anyone's views. I indeed learn from disagreement.

There are limits, however. There are lines, which once crossed, there is no turning back. If you love your country sir; if indeed America is First, then you will denounce, revile, and condemn those responsible for the most egregious abomination in American political history.

Dan Laget