McCain Supporters Mourn Their Loss

As the night went on and Senator John McCain's numbers continued to fall, the look of despair on everyone's face expressed the overall mood Republican supporters had- disappointment.

As early as 7 p.m. on Tuesday night, they knew it was all over.

Every person in attendance could not have been more disgusted and concerned than ever before the gathering at the Marriot Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

With an assortment of gourmet food, the beautiful arrangements at the hotel to the bar, every kind of Republican voter came out to support their party with pride and glory.

The problem was, even with the beautiful location the gathering was held at, not much celebrating was taking place.

Most McCain and Palin supporters expressed their concern about the future state of the country.

"I'm really worried about the future of the country and the kind of country my kids will live in, now with Obama as president," said John Orlandy, vice president of the Hollywood Congress of Republicans.

"This country is going to hell in an egg basket come January of next year."

Throughout the entire event, anger and agony seeped out the pores of these supporters as they continued to see the ever-so-clear advantage their party's opponent had.

However, it didn't stop there. Out of the 100 seats in the senate, five seats shifted from the Republicans to Democrats to a total of 56-44 with the Democrats leading a strong presence in both the senate and House of Representatives.

"The country has elected someone who is the most left-wing candidate ever nominated by a major party," said President of the Southern California Republican Club, Austin Dragon.

"Obama's gonna be able to nominate two to four justices to the supreme court, so the supreme court is gone as far as I'm concerned."

Said Dragon, "He's gonna be running the country with an extremely left-wing congress with the help of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, so basically the only saving grace is that [the Democrats] didn't get to 60 [seats] in the senate."

The only highlight of the night that seemed to bring some glory to the supporters was when Senator McCain gave his closing speech in recognition of his defeat.

Every time he mentioned his previous doings as a senator or the future Sarah Palin holds for the Republican Party or when he said that he still serves his country in the best way that he could, loud applause and cheers were heard across the vast lobby.

Overall, Republican Party supporters realized that the last eight years have not favored any of McCain's planned intentions and policies.

"I mean how could you blame them, the last eight years have been a nightmare and they think it's all Bush's fault," said Jasmine Rose, a long time Republican Party supporter.

"That's why they don't want to 'take a chance' on McCain. They think all Republicans are the same and believe in all of the same concepts."

Now that the presidential election is over and the country can continue its journey into recuperating from the devastating economic crises, the citizens of this nation will finally be proven wrong or correct on their newly elected president.