Meet Captain Jesus DeLara

"It was a good season, we could've done better. All the team members made great dramatic improvements," DeLara said about his team.

DeLara, a hardworking student and athlete, is noted by teammates for always taking charge and being a good role model for other students. He has always been trying to improve in school and on the track.

The team, with a couple of setbacks, has done its best job to get ahead on the field. Coach Larry Silva, coach of the men's cross country team said: "the team runners came late this season. They joined the team during the beginning of the school season, so we had less time than other schools to practice. But for the amount of time we had we made dramatic improvements. The team had no summer training so it was a short time they had to get better."

DeLara had only good things to say about his coach: "He is a great coach. Always enthusiastic, cares about his runners, and always helps us improve.

"Due to some circumstances such as family and financial problems some team members were not available to participate this season."

When asked which was the hardest course to run this season DeLara said, "The course at Pierce College was extremely hard, with dusty hills and grassy lands."

Coach Silva also added, "The team did really awesome this year. They came out the second week of school and put their best out there. I am very proud of them. If they had three more weeks of training they would have done even better."