SMC Clubs, Which One Fits You?

With over 20 new clubs Santa Monica College attending last Thursday's ICC event, the library walkway was overflowing with people during activity hour. This semester's Club Row, where all the SMC clubs have an opportunity to enroll new members and raise funds, was the most successful of past years.

Around 60 clubs were included this semester
in what turned out to be the busiest Club Row for at least three years. "It was great! A lot of people [there], I didn't expect it. So happy it went really well. [I Was] surprised that all the clubs were excited about the event," said ICC Vice Chair Qian "Vicky" Jiang, who was in charge of the event.

Most of the SMC clubs meet during student activity hour Tuesdays or Thursdays,
11:15 to 12:30 p.m., bar some exceptions. On Thursday, Oct. 30, they were out in full force luring students to their tables
to sign up to their club or to get more information on their mission statements.

A DJ played music while the clubs sold different types of food and candy, pizza,
ice cream, smoothies, cotton candy and more was available for students walking by. They
were fliers and decorations that showed what the different clubs were all about, with pictures of previous events they participated in, or in the case of the Film Club, movie posters.

There were also other means that the clubs attracted prospective members, The
Japanese English Language Exchange Club had a dedication of Shingyo Tow Rya
(sword art) by James Cole, father of member Sophia Cole. They meet at LS 203
Tuesdays and Fridays.

The Student Veteran's Association recruited their students by giving them a little taste of military life with a push up competition, screams to participants minus expletives included. They also marked their territory by
commencing the event with the national anthem.

The Association of Latin American Students is a club about "Latino diversity and
education about topics that are often ignored, like information about what [initiatives and measures] the presidential
candidates have supported and voted for," said President Rufino Romero. "We also
want to raise awareness about AB540 and give more information to students." ALAS was selling tamales and passing out fliers for their "Night of Solidarity" event later that
night at Café Bolivar. They were also inviting people to their Dia De Los Muertos
celebration on Nov. 6, which will include Aztec dancers, a talk by the co-sponsors the
Anthropology Club about indigenous people and the church. They meet in LS 105

The Feminist Alliance table was one of the busiest. They had stickers and fliers
on supporting their political views on gender equality as well as T-shirts while many of their members carrying "No
On 8" signs since "defeating Prop 8 is one of our goals, our club is about protecting
women's rights and against violence against women," said member Leigh Conner a
women's studies major. They meet in HSS 255 Tuesdays.

The Republican Club was again "lucky" enough to not only participate in Club Row, but also get a tent even though, as confirmed by Jiang "only the clubs that sell food can get the tent." As of press time, the Republican Club is not even installed. "If there
are extra tables, clubs not signed on can request to use them," Jiang said. But this is
the third Club Row that the Republican Club, that was not installed last semester, was able to somehow manage to not only participate, but to skip the whole bureaucratic process the rest of the clubs
have to go through to be included.

Among the new clubs to SMC were the Electronic Music Club, Japanese Culture
and Language Club, Progressive Democrats, and the Pride Club, a "social group for gays
and straights to raise awareness and for education on HIV," said Jesse Quintanilla
publicity advisor. One of their upcoming activities is a visit to Disneyland. They meet in LA 217 5:30 p.m.

Details of how to obtain a DVD of the event created by the Film Club will be made
available to clubs in the next ICC meeting this Thursday at the Cayton Center at 4 p.m.

All students are welcome to attend to get more info on the SMC clubs.