Fashion Inside Out

Project Runway has been the birthplace of new designers for almost five years and much promising talent has been moved into the spotlight thanks to the show. Daniel Vosovic from the second season of "Project Runway" has been making a name for himself in the fashion industry ever since his time on the show. He has worked with various designers and created his own pieces. Now he is conquering the literary world with the release of his book "Fashion Inside Out." Most recently Vosovic has been traveling the country on his book tour.

On Thursday, Nov. 6, at the Santa Monica Public Library Vosovic spoke in front of a colorful audience of fans, fashion students, and designers looking for some advice from one of the top designers of his season of "Project Runway."

His presentation focused on a more concise and simply put view of fashion that is detailed in his book. Vosovic took the audience into the world of fashion from the beginning of a garment's life, starting with inspiration, and moving into the final moments, which is getting the item out on the floor and ready for people to buy. His insightful words were colorful and he added personality to his presentation.

The audience couldn't help but fall in love with Vosovic as he lightheartedly engaged them with jokes and funny comments. He strongly emphasized the great amount of work that goes into designing clothes and made sure the audience knew "it's not like it is on Project Runway. So much more goes into creating a garment than just drawing up a design, sewing, and it's out on the runway."

The advice was taken in by the audience as he rolled through his slide show and explained the importance of fashion promotion, getting a good photographer, and selecting the perfect model. "It's easy to say a leggy blonde is a leggy blonde is a leggy blonde, but that's just like saying 'It's just a jacket,'" stated Vosovic. To young designers he gives them future advice on their own designs, informing them to not be too focused on one style. "You can't design for everyone, so do what you do best," he advised.

Vosovic's designs focus on the intimate details that create a personality to a piece of clothing. "I get excited when I buy a jacket with a cool lining, a button, a hidden pocket. All those details keep you buying." His style is something he loves and battles with constantly as he points out his bad habit of spending too much time on the details. "I look very tightly at my clothes. I'm too hyper focused...that's my weakness in design," Vosovic said.

After the conclusion of his presentation Vosovic opened up the floor to the audience and was joined on stage by his fellow "Project Runway" designer SweetP from season four. Vosovic's stories of lining up for eight hours auditioning for the show had the audience laughing. "Your arms hurt because you're holding your designs; you don't want to put them down because you don't want to wrinkle them, and you don't want to give them to another designer because you don't want them to steal your pieces!" Vosovic said.

More advice was given by both designers as they talked about what to expect on a reality show. "Don't talk behind anyone's back," said SweetP. They also explained how to stay true to yourself once your name is out in the public eye, and a few more words of advice on designing clothes. Most of the questions from the night focused on the designers' experiences on the show and dealing with difficult designers. One of the hardest things was the secrecy that needed to be kept during the taping, and Vosovic related the story of his roommates walking through the streets holding boxes of fabrics like cashmere, lace, and silk and lying about the fabric being used to redesign their room.

People were also interested to know how Vosovic was able to design clothes for women, while he is obviously a man. Vosovic explained that he spent a lot of time studying up and educating himself on the female figure. He had to make pieces to see how they looked on a body; he had to observe the curves on the body. Ultimately, he believes there is no real way to learn knowledge in fashion without just going out and creating it, and Vosovic jokingly added, "Boob are boobs... butts are butts."

The audience couldn't get enough of the two designers and their down to earth personalities. They sat on stage with their legs crossed and laughed with each other and took every single question that was asked. Even when time was running out they offered to continue after the signing and take photos with fans. SweetP announced a small feminine line she incorporated painting into and that she collaborated with her husband on. Her designs are online at www.pulplab. com. The audience cheered following Vosovic's announcement of the launch of his label debuting in Fall 2009.

Vosovic's book is available in all major bookstores and more information can be found on his website: www.