A Healthier Poison

In our society's current shift towards going green, we have seen many changes in various aspects of modern life. From finding cleaner sources of energy such as solar power to the increasing popularity of organic restaurants, our culture (especially here in Southern California) has seen many changes in the way we live. The way we drink has also begun changing. No, I'm not talking about organic milk and juices; I speak of course about alcohol.

The market for organically produced alcohol has grown significantly in the past several years as the demand for people wanting to poison their body in the healthiest way possible has grown. But it's not just about being healthy; anyone can see the hypocrisy in the term "healthy alcohol." A great deal of the psychology behind producing organic liquors has to do more with the support of treating the Earth in a beneficial way; one example of this can be seen in the methods of Sergio Mottura, an Italian winemaker who, rather than using pesticides to keep harmful bugs out of their grape fields uses porcupines to naturally remove unwanted pests from their precious grapes.

Another organic liquor company that has been growing rapidly in popularity is Square One Vodka out of San Francisco. Square One uses only naturally grown rye to produce their spirits, as opposed to most vodka makers who use mass-produced potatoes, grapes or corn to make their liquor. Additionally, Square One makes it a point to not use frosted glass for their bottles (a process used by other big name vodkas such as Grey Goose and Belvedere that requires the use of numerous harmful chemicals), and the label is made strictly from bamboo, bagasse and cotton. Another benefit to making a spirit organic is the clean, crisp taste that is produced, something that is especially important in a liquor such as vodka, the most commonly used base alcohol for making mixed drinks and other cocktails.

4 Copas, the world's only organic tequila, is another liquor that is made with worldly health in mind. With naturally grown blue agave from the state of Jalisco in western Mexico, 4 Copas produces a tequila that is not only more pure than its fellow tequilas, but also makes for a wonderful sipping tequila for those who can appreciate a glass of liquor served neat. 4 Copas is a bit harder to find, as well as a bit more expensive, but it is worth the extra effort should you be interested.

There are also several beers on today's market that are made and shipped as organically as possible. New Belgium Brewing Company from Fort Collins, Colorado, most well known for their Fat Tire Amber Ale, has a mission statement on their homepage that declares their beliefs to be of grassroots origin. New Belgium also has a beer that is made completely organically, the Mothership Wit, named for New Belgium's first brewery which has been dubbed by the company its "Mothership."

As far as actual Belgian beers go, there is only one certified organic beer from the country known by many as the authority on the beer brewing process. La Foret, made by Dupont in Tourpes, Belgium is an organic version of the brewery's most popular brew, the Dupont Saison. Called the quintessential Saison by many beer critics, La Foret ferments in its actual packaging, like many Belgian beers, creating a unique flavor and process.

Whatever your drink of choice may be, remember that with the increased production of organically produced liquor, it is becoming easier in our world today to transform another facet of daily life to a friendlier treatment of the Earth we all live on.