Care to Partake in a Food Challenge?

Feel like making a few dollars off of your more gullible or competitive friends? Well here are some seemingly harmless ways to do so:

Next time you are waiting for your food in a restaurant grab a pack of those saltine crackers that are handed out for no reason. Then bet your friend five bucks that he can't eat four of them in a minute. If they've never heard this one before they will most likely go for the bait and tell you to get the stopwatch out on your cell phone. What the friend doesn't know is that the dryness of a saltine is going to suck the moisture out their mouth so fast that they will have to spit the mushy crackers into a napkin instead of swallowing. You just made $5.

If you find yourself at a house party, and you are suddenly feeling bored, pull out this trick. Go to the kitchen and get yourself a spoon, then look around for the cupboards and find the cinnamon. The only thing left to locate is a daring friend. Once you have all three of these together, its time yet again, to bet. Name your price and have your friend try and swallow the spoonful of spice. Of course once they do try it will coat the inside of their mouth and throat causing them to gag and possibly spill their dinner. Its bad news for them but you may have just made yourself some loose change, if nothing else you got a good laugh out of it.

For the overly competitive friend here is one challenge that is doable, but difficult. Get your friends together after visiting the dairy isle and see which one of the brave souls thinks they can put down a gallon of milk in an hour, and then hold it down for another hour. It is completely possible that they may pull it off, so you can bet as you will. A competitive eater once downed a gallon in 41 seconds, but the average person is not going to have an easy go of it by any means. Consider this the milk equivalent of a 72-ounce steak.

So there are the challenges to test, torment, and make fools out of your friend with. Be careful that the joke doesn't get anyone hurt and have fun.