Tyler Contarsy: Playing on the Strong Side

Santa Monica College water polo player, Tyler Contarsy, just entered his sixth year of playing water polo. Although this season hasn't produced as many wins as he had hoped, Contarsy still feels as though he is experiencing something worthwhile.

Contarsy played for El Segundo High School's water polo and swimming teams, and is in his second year of playing for SMC. He won the CIF championship for El Segundo High School and was titled most versatile player at Santa Monica College.

"During high school, it's been a lot of fun to get to know and meet a lot of people," he said.

"My endurance and my ability to keep on playing without getting tired give me an advantage in the water," he said. His weakness is his size. "It slows me down. When playing water polo, it helps when you're taller and more muscular, but I'm short so I have to use my speed in the pool to give me an advantage."

Contarsy follows a strict work out regimen including swimming and working out at SMC's training center two times a day from Monday through Friday. Although using no supplements, he 'eats healthy and smart.' His father, Steve Contarsy, coaches SMC's women's water polo team.

"We haven't had a lot of wins this season," he said. "But the experience [has been] very fun. The coaches are out there for the best, and they work with what they have. It's unfortunate that we haven't been able to bring wins to our coaches, but the experience really matters the most to me."

After finishing at SMC, Contarsy plans on transferring to San Diego State University and finishing his career of playing water polo. He intends to continue swimming in order to stay in shape.. "I'm not sure about what I'm going to be doing after that, though," he said.