Is Southern California Really Prepared for a Natural Disaster

On Nov. 13 at 10 a.m. Southern California participated in an earthquakepreparation

But how many people actually knew about this event to begin with? Many Californians go through their daily tasks without even thinking about the event of a major natural

According to the Earthquake Country Alliance, there's a major earthquake every 150 years south of the San Gabriel Mountains, but the last one occurred 300 years ago.

So, how prepared is California, really?

Every once in a while news announcements remind residents to set up an emergency-preparation kit, which goes largely ignored. Many are aware of the importance of preparedness but claim they haven't had the time yet.

Kalin December, an art student at CalArts in Valencia, agrees that an earthquake kit is important, but keeps forgetting. "When something isn't happening it's easy to forget about. I hear those things on TV and I think 'oh yeah I need to get on that' but then I go back to doing other things." said

The state has spent money to prepare for disasters such as wildfires and earthquakes. But natural disasters are unpredictable and most of the time, safety is up to the individual.

Jaded attitudes toward likely events make the future uncertain. If people aren't preparing now and setting aside food and water in practice for the worst case scenario then many will be struggling to
find food when their supply at home runs
out, or water when it gets shut off.

In the case of a really horrible earthquake
California residents may be out of power
for up to a month. Riots may start and
thousands may be injured. There are certain organizations around the Los Angeles area that have taken the time to prepare for the worst.

One group, CERT, which stands for Community
Emergency Response Team, brings together groups of people each month to do simulations of potential disasters ranging from terrorist attacks to fires to earthquakes. Different spots around Los Angeles are set up to give shelter to residents who may be found without a place to sleep.

One member, Charles Anderson, comments on our need for preparedness."It's an important factor of our lives. Everyone needs to be prepared for the worst because it could happen at any time.

The best way to be safe is to know what could happen and be ready for it." noted Anderson The fear tactic may temporarily
convince people to prepare, but not

So, is California ready for the worst? Yes and no. Some have made the effort, but more
can definitely be done still.

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