Sarah Palin's Book Deal

Even as America finds itself thankful that we have dodged a bullet in the form of a John McCain-Sarah Palin ticket, it
appears that Palin wont just go away.

She appears to instead be formatting herself for a return to the national stage with a book deal that has the potential to
line her wallet with $7 millon.

This is probably the largest amount of money ever considered for a book that will surely have pop-ups, a few small
sections for coloring, and a detailed guide on how to gut a moose.

I for one am curious to see the title of the book, as she couldn't think of anything better than "Track" and "Trig" for her two sons. When President Clinton published his memoirs "My Life" he was given a $10 million advance and he was the
president of the United States for eight years. Does that not seem ridiculous to anyone else?

In actuality the book is supposed to document the story of Palin who was pulled from relative obscurity and thrust into the spotlight of American media. The story of Palin is expected
to draw a large audience who would be interested in the way in which a person goes from moose hunting by helicopter to potentially being a heartbeat from the presidency.

Lately Palin has been everywhere in the media after failing to save McCain from political defeat, not that anyone could. She invited major media into her own home, while she cooked them
a meal and criticized reports of her incompetence by calling her attackers "bloggers in their parents' basements
just talking garbage".

She is now considered by many to have the potential to move on to a seat in the senate for her home state of Alaska, and with the eviction of the felon senator Ted Stevens that is now a distinct possibility. To make this maneuver she would have
to step down as governor and have her lieutenant governor appoint her to the position. The suspicion is that she would be doing all of this, as well as the book, to move herself into a position to run for president in 2012.

Many are comparing this potential page-turner to the Barack Obama book "The Audacity of Hope" which helped propel the President Elect's career into high-gear. But for a $7 million advance who wouldn't write a book? It's enough money for Palin to pay back the ridiculous $150,000 she spent on clothing, as well as some of the flights she required for her children when
the "diva" had a stranglehold on the RNC's finances.

She could even go so far as to supply her home town of Wasilla with rape kits so that women would no longer have to pay for their own, like she required of them when she was mayor.

However the hype around her book seems to add nothing but credibility as there will be an entire batch of memoirs
coming out with the end of the Bush Administration, as well as a possible follow up from Obama, many experts are considering Palin's book to be one of the few with the potential to pay back
its advance. It is such an amazing time to live, when someone who thought that Africa was a country could have the
potential to become a best-seller.

Take that, Hemingway!