Doctors Give Out Prescription Drugs Like Candy

How easy are prescription drugs to obtain? While our parents' generation, the "baby boomers" had marijuana, we have medicinal pills.

The Los Angeles Times wrote an article on the
accessibility of pills, as did the New York
Times. Now the Corsair will shed some light on why our generation is addicted to the medicine cabinet.

First and foremost, I do not commend in any way drug use, though I do understand why we use them. Most of the things we do in life are to get away from reality, whether we go to the movie's to watch a superhero save
the world or to Disneyland for the day
to remind yourself what it's like to be
a kid again.

Drugs can do the same. People use them in order to feel different, to feel a fantasy. It's the easiest thing activity to do, to take your drug and go for a ride.

According to the LA Times article called "Youth's Drug of Choice? Prescription", the number of Americans
who reportedly abused prescription drugs last year far outnumbered those who abused Marijuana, the drug commonly known as a "gateway" to others.

The reason, in my opinion, is that they
are easier to obtain than harder drugs
such as Marijuana or even cocaine. You
don't have to call a dealer or ask your
friends to give you someone's number to give you the drugs. The medicine cabinet at home are full of pills for aches and pains that our parents have accumulated through out their lives.

You can also cross the border to Mexico
and buy as many pills as you want and bring them back illegally. The options are endless.

Either way, we're giving them out like candy. "They are so easy to get", says former SMC student Richard Hammer, "you can go to a doctor, say you have a pain of some sort, and the doctor will give a pain pill. So simple." Pills are all around us. In TV shows the news addiction is pain killers.

Celebrities are linked to oxy-coton and vicodine. It's becoming the new "cool" drug.
The ADD/ADHD craze has also given easy accessibility to prescription drugs.

Doctor's are giving out adder all like it's
going out style, telling parents it'll "fix"
their children and help them concentrate
on their school work.

I for one have been diagnosed with ADHD, and I never took my pills. I used to instead sell my pills to anyone who asked me too. I'm not saying, I'm proud of it, but I know how easy it is to get. Five dollars a pill was the asking price, and most of the kids
would just spend their lunch money to get that magical blue pill.

Prescription pills will always be easy to get. We sometimes actually need them. Cancer patients, stroke victims have moments after the treatments when they are in a lot of
pain, these medications help alleviate
that. They don't have to suffer.

How are doctors supposed to know if your
pain if real or if they are just feeding
a junky and their friends? They can't.

Parents don't lock their medicine cabinets and teenagers are always looking for the new way to get high.

Who knows where this new fad will take us, but we can agree on one thing: pills are as easy to get as a burger at McDonalds.