The Corsair Online Staff Says Good Bye

It's the end of another semester here at SMC, and the Online staff of the Corsair would like to wish you happy holidays and luck with your finals (Unless you studied, then you're covered.)

Here at the Online version of the Corsair we had our own ups and downs, but we did our best given the circumstances.

Next Semester both Journalism Classes, 16 and 19, will be held at the main campus and we will be able to have better
communication and serve better SMC and its students.

We hope you liked our effort to translate the Corsair into its digital form and join us, sign up for Journalism 19, or 16 if you like the print version better.

And even if you didn't like it, we challege you to sign up and make it better.

ICC's Club Row, Oct 30:

Santa Monica College Club Row Shot/Edited by H M

Dia De Los Muertos Nov 6, Presented by ALAS & Anthropology Club, sponsored by AS
Aztec Opening Ceremony:

Dia De Los Muertos Ceremony shot by H M

Dia De Los Muertos Aztec Dance:

Dia De Los Muertos Aztec Dance shot by H M

All Videos shot by H M