International Women's Day Teach-in

The celebrations for International Women's Day extend to SMC with a student-led teach-in this Thursday.

International Working Women's Day is approaching on March 8. This day, organized as a day of militancy and solidarity among the working women of the world, will be celebrated again this coming year with marches and demonstrations around the world. Its aim is to organize and strengthen the ranks of working women into a powerful movement that address the fundamental roots of women's inequality.

The burden women face under the present system, wage-work and household as well as maternal responsibilities continue to weigh heavily upon the women of the world. Due to this two-fold oppression, the average woman in the U.S. will earn (not 77c on the dollar) but 44% of a male's lifetime earnings, according to a 2004 report by Macro International Inc.

Working women and men, students, organize and educate yourselves on this historic day to address the social inequalities not only between the sexes, but also between the worker and employer! The students of Santa Monica are hosting a teach-in on March 5, from 11:15 to 12:30pm in HSS 206 in commemoration of International Women's Day. All are welcome to attend.

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A March and Rally will also take place this Saturday, March 7 starting in the intersections of Pico and Westwood Blvb at 1 PM and culminating at Westwood and Wilshire at 5 PM