Food as Medicine: Heatlhy Living

"Put a strawberry in a blender," said a dark-haired woman, striking up conversation with an older woman sitting nearby at the Whole
Foods Market in Santa Monica, where an event titled "Introducing Healthy Living Raw Food Products Featuring Cathy Silvers" was held
on March 14.

The theme of the day's conversation was healthy food cooking. The space was crowded
with people who were interested in a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Brian Clement, a raw food advocate and leader in the international progressive health movement for more than three decades, introduced Hippocrates
Health Institute, where he works
as a director.

It is an organization that provides fresh and organic foods, therapies and exercise facilities. Thousands of people have come to the institute and healed themselves from cancer, diabetes and other serious diseases.
Clement emphasized the effect of natural foods against illness and introduced "New Era of HOPE."

HOPE is an acronym that refers to hormones, oxygen, phytochemicals and enzymes. Those hormones are the very important components of
a raw vegan diet, helping to protect the body from disease. Cathy Silvers, a personal life style coach and star of her own shows "The Healthy Living Show" and "Healthy
Living Kids Show" responded to Clement's story saying: "Let your foods be medicine."

She demonstrated raw food cooking with her original brand blende r and organic products
quickly and efficiently. She made Gojiberry Lemonade, Sproutein Smoothie, and Chocolate Iced Blended. Silvers pointed at the logo of her brand Healthy Living on the blender
and told that her brother in law who is a graphic designer designed it. He superimposed a green circle on "heal" of Healthy Living.

Then, young brothers Mark and Alex Malinsky shared their personal story. In Alex's teens, he cooked pizza, drank soda and ate cookies "every single day." And he always
had stomachache. His family began to worry about his health, so he changed his American diet and ate more raw foods. Finally, those raw foods healed his body. Now Alex is one of
many famous raw food chefs.

His brother Mark is a student who also takes care of his health, saying that he puts the powder product Sproutein into a blender with other fruits and drinks it every morning.
The Sproutein supplies the body with a raw source of plant protein and nutrients essential for a healthy lifestyle. It consists of dried sprout powders, hempseed protein powder, goji berry powder, black maca root powder, yacon root powder and
lucuma powder.

Having a meal together brings people close to people. When people eat something, they enjoy various tastes such as sweet, hot, bitter and sour. Now, food can also be a
medicine that heals our body. The message given to the group to walk away with was to let us all review our diets and incorporate
more raw foods. It will make your life better, they contend.