Hip Hop Isn't Dead

"Lyrics Born in the building if you feel me make some noise!" said Lyrics Born at his show on Saturday, March 14 at the Mint in Los Angeles. The Berkeley, California hip hop artist got a loud response from the largely Bay Area crowd.

Promoting his new album "Every Where At Once" Lyrics Born and wife/singer Joyo Velarde put on a great show in a small, but comfortable venue.

Lyrics Born is not the typical commercial rapper you would might find on the radio or the reality television show "Making The Band"
with Puff Daddy. Although, with his talent on the microphone and his different and distinguished sound, he should be.

His style is unlike other rappers; half singing, half rapping with a huge funk and rock influence, this artist always brings a breath of fresh air to a scene slowly fading away; the independent label, underground hip
hop scene.

Lyrics Born is not new to the game by all means. He's a veteran who's lasted longer than a decade. He started his career with the legendary Quannum/ Solesides record label in 1997 as a co-founder and major artist for the label.

His most resent album, "Every Where At Once", is LB's fourth album and the debut single "I like it, I love it" is featured on the motion picture "Friday the 13th." LB has toured all over the world and is constantly touring. He has also been apart of some huge music festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Langerado music

While the Mint started to get crowded, LB's band, the Lyrics Born Review, set up their instruments. As soon as the drummer, keyboard
pianist, bassist and electric guitarist finished tuning up, the show started with Joyo Velardes coming to the stage.

Their performance started a little rocky because of technical difficulties with a microphone but that didn't discourage LB. He grabbed the next closest mic and went right into his electrifying set. Most of LB's songs are high-energy, dance-inhibiting, funky jams that make you want to get out of your seat, and in fact he demanded the crowd
do just that.

After his first song, LB insisted that everyone come close to the stage, pushing back the tables and chairs that the Mint set up directly in front of the stage. "I never played at the Mint but at a Lyrics Born show you got to get close," he said.

As the tables got pushed back and the people moved forward, the show really began to get lively, song after song was a funky groove that made you want to jump back and do the
James Brown. The crowd was a mixed eclectic
group of people, everyone from young to old, white to black and everything in between could be seen shuffling their feet.

LB not only went through most of his songs from "Every Where At Once," but he also performed some of his classic material including "Calling Out" and "Bad Dreams", which were performed for the encore along with "I Like It, I Love It." LB ended the
show on a positive note promoting peace and wishing everyone a safe trip home.

Next up for Lyrics Born is a show in Bellingham, WA on April 8. LB has stated on his web site www.lyricsborn.com that he is working on a new single, "Funky Hit Records",
which should be released very soon.

Lyrics Born has lasted the test of time and he continues to make solid music and put on great performances to become arguable one of the most successful independent artist ever.