What's The Scoop With The Corsair Bleachers?

After years of talking about renovating the Corsair Field at Santa Monica College, the school board took action and gave the more than 75-year-old field a much needed face lift, but what about the seats that allow loyal fans to enjoy the games- will it get the royal treatment as well anytime soon?

Both the public relations office at SMC and director of facilities planning shed light on the future plans of the bleachers at the SMC Corsair Field.

"There is indeed a plan to renovate the bleachers," said Bruce Smith, SMC number one go-to public information officer. "The [renovation] plans are part of the $250 million bond [that passed in Santa Monica's local election, last semester]."

Although more information regarding the plans could not be released, Greg Brown, the Director of Facilities Planning at SMC, gave additional insight about the future of the subject.

Said Brown, "The plans to renovate the field are one of the projects [that come from the passing of the $250 million] bond and its program, but the planning won't even start in at least five or 10 years - so nothing will be done in the near future."

Brown did admit though that another plan set to take place in the near future is the renovation and reconstruction of SMC's gymnasium seating.

"We have another project planned that will be replacing the gymnasium bleachers and that is scheduled to take place in the summer as to be ready for the start of basketball season," said Brown.

Fixing the gymnasium seating will take a toilsome effort from the workers who plan to complete the job and its process by the beginning of the Fall 2010 semester.

"[The bleachers' old wooden frame] will have to be manually pulled out and put into place and the seats will be controlled by an electrical system that is hooked up to the wall, which can extend the bleachers with a push of a button," said Brown.

With the gymnasium bleachers set to be renovated after this semester ends and plans to change the bleachers at the Corsair Field not even expected to be drafted anytime soon, students want to know where the priority is in adhering to the comfort all fans want while rooting for their teams.

When asked what he thought about these future plans, SMC freshman Terrence Williams replies with a question, "Why are they planning to fix one and not the other? What, is one more important than the other or are all sports delegated equally here? From the looks of things, it seems as if they care more about the basketball needs than the football needs of the school."

While it may be true that the gymnasium plays the role of hosting SMC home games for both the men's and women's basketball teams, it also provides the home for others sports such as volleyball and table tennis as well.

Whatever the conclusion might be, the plans are set and in motion to add to the already redesigned structure of SMC.