SMC Faculty Wins Sustainability Award

Santa Monica College earned its first environmental sustainability award on March 25, honoring the school for its commitment
to creating an environmentally friendly campus.

"The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce awards businesses annually that are on the forefront
of greening their business, and we are honored to award SMC for their efforts," said Brian Chase, the Government Affairs Director of Santa Monica Chamber of

"SMC's environmental programs, both in and outside the classroom are worthy of recognition. Additionally, the college's green renovation of its Center for Environmental and Urban Studies is certainly something of which to be proud."

The Center for Environmental and Urban Studies is in its eighth year of operation on the SMC campus. They offer programs teaching students and residents how to adopt
sustainable practices that improve quality of life, save money and help the planet.
Groups of 10-15 individuals participate together over the course of six to nine meetings and learn about practices that can reduce the consumption of the planet's natural resources.

The participants are taught by crew leaders who lead weekly meetings that last for an hour and a half. Crew leaders review participants' lifestyle assessment, educate on the topic of sustainability, demonstrate
a variety of simple activities and recommend specific changes that reduce participants' environmental impact.

They provide valuable information and recommendations for the following areas: waste production, transportation emissions, consumer habits and water, chemical and
energy consumption.

The Center for Environmental and Urban Studies is a nonprofit environmental education organization. It is a project of
Community Partner and is funded by the City of Santa Monica's Sustainable City Plan, program participants, grants and donations
and from in-kind services from Santa
Monica College.

Programs are targeted to Santa Monica residents and businesses, but participants represent the greater Los Angeles Area.
Sustainable Works is interested in expanding into other cities with a focus on sustainability, resource efficiency or community development. They stress the
importance of little things we can change in our everyday life that will positively affect the rest of the world.

According to their website,, the top ten things a college student can do to reduce their impact on the environment are:

1. Recycle all cans, bottles and paper.

2. Carpool, walk, bike or use public transportation.

3. Turn off all electronic items when not in use.

4. Don't litter.

5. Respect the work others do to make your campus beautiful.

6. Bring your lunch in a reusable
bag or container.

7. Use both sides of your paper.

8. Support the salad bars in your cafeteria.

9. Question any habit that may harm your health or the environment.

10. Get involved in your community.

If you are interested in joining a crew at the Center for Environmental and Urban Studies, stop by their office, located at 1744 Pearl Street and find out when the next meeting is. They have an extensive network
of connections with SMC professors and will work hard to make sure you get extra credit for your classes if you sign up for one of their programs.

There is a $25 charge due before you attend the first meeting, so be prepared to shell out some money if you wish to volunteer.