Women's Swim Team Win Again In LAVC, Takes First In Conference

The drought is over for the Santa Monica College women's swim team, as they finally beat longtime nemesis and swimming powerhouse Ventura College on Friday, scoring a 61-50 win and moving the team into first place in the conference.

It all came down to the final race of the day the 200-yard freestyle relay race. It was neck-and-neck until the last 100 yards when SMC took a slight lead and never surrendered it.

"It was the first time they won a duel meet against Ventura since 1997," Head Coach Steven Contarsy said. "It's a huge victory. This year is a special year for the women's
swim team. We never been able to beat Cuesta and Ventura in the same year."

Their other opponent, Los Angeles Valley College, wasn't much of a challenge at all, getting obliterated at home 98-15. They looked better in their swimsuits than in the pool. SMC was able to get out to a fast
start against Ventura, scoring 16 uncontested points in diving, led by Sarah Ritz' front full twist and forward two-and-a-half pike dives followed by Heather Freed's forward two-and-a-half tuck dive.

"We are improving every meet," diving coach Eduard Gorodesky said. "The team is gearing up for the conference championship," which is
coming up on April 10.

There was a lot of excitement and commotion for the diving event. One of LAVC divers attempting a dive from the 3-meter high board
landed squarely flat on her back. Slap! Onlookers winced; the diver eventually gave the thumbs up sign, and was then bestowed with howls and cheers by spectators, but it did not stop there. She courageously went
up to dive again and face planted straight into the pool, amid more jeers.

Amazingly she was not hurt; it was the best part of the event. "She does that all the time in practice," one of her teammates said.
"Before I joined the team, I didn't
even know how to swim." SMC also won both relay races the 200-yard medley and freestyle.

Those victories garnered them another 14-point advantage against the competition.
The men's swim team competed hard but dropped both matches to Ventura 69-43 and Los Angeles Valley College 68-44.

For a second straight week there has been a problem with the scoring. Last week SMC men's swim team thought they had beat College of the Canyons in a match that was decided by a few points. The errors by the scorer caused confusion. Both schools were
claiming victory. Later on in the week
after the scorecard was straightened
out, SMC had to concede.

This week, the trouble was an LAVC scorer who entered the wrong information into a computer that was recording the scores, causing the bad results. The coaches from all three teams huddled together privately at
poolside to compare scorecards and tally up the results.

When the huddle broke up all parties seemed satisfied with the results. The official scorecard was supposed to be faxed to the referee and other coaches by Monday, but
as of Tuesday the results were still