Green Bike

When your in a spin class the music is bumping, bikes are humming, people are hooting and hollering, the teacher is motivating everyone to push themselves and there's tons of energy in the room. That same energy is power that can be harnessed and used to power everyday things. A new strategy for conserving energy is by harvesting that same natural energy that comes from spinning.

Owner Stephanie Moore of Revolution Fitness in Santa Monica introduced the first "Green Bike" in Santa Monica on Wednesday the 18th. The current Spinner NXT Bikes now have a battery component attached to the bike that will collect all the energy the spinner creates while working out. The stored energy is used for electronic components such as the stereo and mic or even cell phone chargers. "If we can harness the energy we can save the world," Moore said. "The main purpose of doing these bikes is to really show people how their physical energy can generate power". The goal right now is just to bring awareness to what people can do with their bodies.

Right now there's only one bike in the studio that has the battery component attached and soon all the bikes will have the component. Moore would like the spinners to test out the bike and get used to it before every bike has been completely converted. She would like the experience to be no different for spinners. There are bikes out there that don't have to have a battery component attached but the spin experience "isn't the same" giving spinners a less comfortable spinning experience.

Hopefully and eventually Revolution Fitness will run off all of the natural energy by spinning once all the bikes have been installed with the battery component. If we can "sustain ourselves through energy, not only getting a good workout but doing something to help the environment" Moore said.