Business is Booming

Where the rest of the country is in turmoil, the tattoo business thrives.

A seemingly small parlor like All Star Tattoo has a non-stop barrage of customers on any given day. With three tattoo artists and a body piercer on call in the shop, there's no sitting around banging your head against the wall. These guys are laying down ink like a threatened octopus.

Sid, the shop's body piercer, says "I've been busier then ever in the last eight months. It seems when people get depressed they tend to drink AND get tattoos."

The body art business has become increasingly more popular since reality television shows like Miami Ink and L.A. Ink have brought its attention to the general public. The trend dose not seem to be slowing down; on the contrary, shops like this one demonstrate its growing popularity. All Star Tattoo, under the same ownership as the House Of Ink, is down on Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach.

So if you find yourself staring down at your last couple bucks and you remember the last time you ate, man up and get some ink!