Uncover my eyes
And teach me to talk
Not more than a few years
And I've learned to walk
Soon I am laughing, joking, playing
Not long thereafter, I'm running away
I've come home for a visit
But not long can I stay
Still I am happy, you've smiled for a day
Late at night, you come to my room
Knowing, since long past, that I've flown the coup
My bed lies there empty
And you turn to leave
You hear me playing, giggling, and singing
Summers turn to winters, but you barely feel them
Your hair grows grayer as mine grows longer
Time is a river that's running too quickly
Before you can think it, I'm already a father
In all that you've done for me
I've still never told you
But how much I love you
You'll never know
Along comes the day where I stand by your stone
I turn round to tell you, but I'm all alone
I cry for a week, and have to move on
Everything I do, I do for you
I am your legacy
And for you, I bloom


There was a night I dreamed a dream,
a dream as big as me
I dreamt of dreams I never knew
all so strange to me
With gun in hand I took his life,
and with it his dreams too
Every night I sleep and dream
of things he'll never do.


Once I dreamt I was a bug
That all I needed was a hug
Living in your rug so snug
Ahh, the smug life of a bug.

The Soldier

There was a soldier who's heart sung
so loud
That from his mouth its words
came proud
And those brave words, they
stung so true
That officer took sword in hand,
and ran him through.


Sliding down a slippery slope
If only he could learn to cope
Instead he's slipping, losing hope
That the world would ever catch
his rope


Fury flashes
Hard and fast
To think of his
Misguided Past
Unable to vent
He tips his flask
Consumed by hate
Until the last

Last Breath

I'm dreaming a dream, a dream, it seems-so real it feels like true.
I'm gazing a gaze, a gaze, that sways-across a sea that feels like you.
But I'm fighting a fight, a fight, that's right-that goes beyond the few.
I'm falling a fall, a fall, that's all-as the bullet glides on through.
I come to a home, a home, of foam-as I'm washed out into the blue.