DJ Matari's New CD " Subscribe To Glory " Shines ! MTV Networks The Parent of College Publisher Covers The Making Of His New Video "A Voice Cries Out "

Dj Matari's New CD "Subscribe To Glory" Is Epic !!!
Dj Matari puts it down in the most amazing way , the new CD "Subscribe To Glory " already has MTV networks the parent of College Publisher covering the the making of Dj Matari 's new video "A Voice Cries Out " a single from "Subscribe To Glory ".
This thursday at the AET building three film crews showed up for the making of Dj Matari's new video " A Voice Cries Out " It was an amazing experience to work with the film crews at the SMC AET center ! . Click Below to listen to the sample of D.J. Matari's new singles
" Speak To The Heart Of Jerusalem " and " A Voice Cries Out "