It is a tribute to the what is now a cult classic film, The Big Lebowski. The event travels throughout the U.S. stopping in places from Louisville, KY to San Francisco, CA. It was created to bring together a variety of people, all with one common interest. These people are known as achievers, and they know how to party.

Lebowski Fest kicked off in Los Angeles this past Thursday night, May 8 at The Wiltern in Hollywood. The festival began with a long period of some social lubrication through alcohol and then went into a show by Yuto Miyazawa, a nine year old guitar prodigy. Yuto covered a set of classic songs, coming to a close with "Free Bird" sending the crowd into a roar. Even though the lyrics were hard to hear, it was a phenomenal performance given the obvious circumstances.

After the stage was cleared some actors from the film were brought up to do certain reenactments like peeing on rugs, belly shakes and what-have-you. Eventually Jeff Bridges, The Dude, the true inspiration, made his appearance. He spoke a few slurred words of wisdom and walked off stage back to the crowd where he was held as a true celebrity.

Finally, the lights went out, the curtains pulled back and the screening of the film was debuted as if it hadn't been released yet. The night went on to somehow combine the ability to party and watch a movie at the same time

The dude abides.