The New Star Trek: Not Just for Trekkies

Star Trek and Star Wars are classic science fiction series that have become part of pop culture. Star Trek, the 40-year-old franchise that has existed since before Star Wars, deals with the starship enterprise and the tales of its crew. But It takes a whole different spin in the new film that came out this weekend.

Usually Star Trek has been synonymous with the trekkies or "trek fans" and their devotion to every aspect of the classic series by knowing every line, tidbit, and scene. This movie is NOT for them. This film breathes new life and a new beginning to the series, rewriting everything that the classic series stood for and making it more adventurous and exciting.

The film shows the upbringings of the series' most famous characters, James T. Kirk and Spock as we see them growing up, dealing with issues such as a young Kirk stealing an antique car and throwing it off a cliff, and young Spock growing up on the planet Vulcan being teased for being half human and half Vulcan.

These two characters meet as young men when Kirk, played by Chris Pine, is accused of cheating on a test that Spock, played by Zachary Quinto, created at the Star Fleet Federation or what's equivalent to a space army. They soon dislike each other and meet again on the S.S. Enterprise.

As a crew is assembled to help a planet in distress on the S.S. Enterprise spacecraft, we are met with interesting characters like Dr. McCoy, played by Karl Urban, who injects Kirk with interesting toxins in order to be allowed in the spacecraft even though facing suspension.

Also introduced are Hikaru Sulu, played by John Cho, who doesn't know how to drive the Enterprise at first, Nyota Uhura played by Zoe Saldana, who we first meet as someone who doesn't give in to Kirk's charms, and Pavel Chekov, played by Anton Yelchin, who is a 17-year-old genius who ends up being a big help in tight situations.

The distress they meet becomes a serious concern as an alien species called the Romulans, lead by Nero who is played by the unrecognizable Eric Bana, plot revenge on planet Earth and Vulcan for something a certain pointy-eared person did in the future.

Director J.J. Abrams, creator of the TV series "Lost," has made this film what Christopher Nolan did for the batman franchise. He kept original characters but made them a new, more conflicting, more challenged group of people, blundering at first like all young people beginning a job, but with new ideas and tactics, persevering in the end.

The special effects were stunning and life-like, and the action scenes were a thrill ride that was unpredictable, leaving you at the edge of your seat.

The only complaint I have of this film was that the technical jargon in the beginning about codes, rules and regulations went over my head but still, it does not confuse the plot.

As a non-trekkie fan, it is an especially great film for newbies who are interested in the series but want to see a new, fresh version of it to see if they will watch the classic series that started it all.

As for diehard fans, there are some references to the classic series that would make any fan happy but they aren't in-jokes that only fans will know and leave new people clueless. Enjoying the movie will depend on their devotion and open mindedness, but it is doubtful it will please all trekkers.

As for the acting, each actor is not trying to emulate the actors who first took on the roles back in the 1960's. You won't see Chris Pine talk with awkward pauses like William Shatner did as Kirk. Each actor makes the character his or her own.

It is impossible not to state that there is a lot of eye candy to be seen for guys and gals. From Zoe Saldana seeming like she came out of the 60's with her mini-dress and mod makeup to Uhura, Chris Pine, playing the rough and tumble looking farm boy from Iowa who thinks fast and gets hit pretty hard every second of his life.

Even with Spock punching him out, he was looking great anyway. Zachary Quinto transforms Spock in a new light, looking handsome with his intelligence and logical thinking exuding attractiveness. The Star Trek boards and forums all around the world are erupting between newbies loving the film and old trekkies citing errors of the it and stating why it's wrong according to the classic series.

This movie was not supposed to rehash old storylines but to break the Star Trek canon and with new fans, and this will successfully make being a fan of Star Trek no longer geeky and nerdy.

With this new fan base, the franchise will live long and prosper.