The VAMPS of Japan Will Rock the Wiltern

On Saturday, August 1, a famous Japanese rock duo, VAMPS will be performing at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. They will carry out 10 shows in VAMPS LIVE 2009 U.S.A.

VAMPS was put together by vocalist L'Arc-en-Ciel's, HYDE and Oblivion Dust's guitarist, K.A.Z as their side project in 2008. After releasing their first single LOVE ADDICT, they carried out the first tour at the Zepp venues. The Zepp venues are Japanese major venues for shows and are located in six areas like Tokyo and Osaka which holds 1,800 to 2,500 people. The tour was organized by the unlucky numbers, 6 areas, 6 shows in each area, start time 6:66p.m. (7:06p.m.) because HYDE's favorite number is 666. The title of his first album is also "666." Even the ticket price is 6,660 yen (about $66.)

Afterwards, they added 10 more shows and two "Halloween parties" held with their friend's musicians and label mate, MONORAL with a secret guest Gackt- one of the most popular musicians in Japan.

The total of their first tour extended three months, was 46 shows and it drew audiences totaling 100,000 people.

Their first tour shocked people, especially the music industry and other musicians because one newcomer borrowed major Zepp venues in each area more than one week. Only one month passed since VAMPS appeared. It was an unheard-of tour in Japanese music history. They call it "the stay type's tour," and their tour in 2009 is also the same type in Japan.

One advantage was the VAMPARK, the game arcades held at Zepp. The pattern of their shows goes one break after two shows, so their fans can enjoy playing games to get their valuable goods and taking pictures on the decorated stage, even on days that no shows were held.

Other advantages of the decorated stages includes cutting time to move to the next area and delighting fans by staying in their local cities for a long time. HYDE said also as one big reason was that "We can drink every night!" Which they actually did.

Of course, they did shows more seriously than drinking. The stage was decorated like a Western style house of ruins and there was a cage for JIN, a support keyboard and manipulator, because his head-banking is too dangerous. The walls were painted with pictures and their autographs. The neon lamps which shaped letters of VAMPS were set up on the stage and walls. The clock ticked time until 6:66 p.m. and then the curtain opened. There was a jail made of laser lights and HYDE beckoned to the audience between the chinks of the jail.

K.A.Z strummed a guitar. The audience kept time to the rhythm of LOVE ADDICT by clapping along to the guitar's sounds. HYDE shouted hard in one song and then his voice was changed fascinatingly. The audience was befuddled with their ballad. His expression as a vocalist brings out various feelings.

Anyway, why did these newcomers carry out a big tour like this? The answer is their other big bands Oblivion Dust and L'Arc-en-Ciel.

L'Arc-en-Ciel is a Japanese rock band formed in 1991, and was at the forefront of the music scene. In 1997, the tickets of their one-day show at the Tokyo Dome sold out in four minutes, the shortest time's record in those days.

Oblivion Dust is another Japanese rock band. They debuted in 1997 and K.A.Z, who is a guitarist of X JAPAN, took part in hide with Spread Beaver side by side. Oblivion Dust broke up in 2001, but they reorganized six years later. Their tour in three big cities succeeded in 2008. His character is gentle and very shy, but when he plays guitar on the stage, he changes into a completely different person. His staging is so powerful and he is thought highly of a producer by many musicians, not only a guitarist. In 2004, he collaborated with a Korean famous musician, Seo Taiji. Taking advantage of being a joint producer of HYDE's solo work, he became a support member of HYDE's band in 2006.

They start their tour, VAMPS LIVE 2009 already in Japan. They will venture into the U.S. with bringing only their strongest weapon, rock show!

The Wiltern is located on 3790 Wilshire Blvd. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Start time is 8:00 p.m. The price of tickets is $30. All three sections, standing floor, loge and mezzanine are available, and now on sale.

English is available on their official web site. Go to the official MySpace to check out their music. And also go to the official YouTube channel, VAMPROSE Channel to watch music clips and comment movie for fans in America.