VIEWPOINTS: While the economic downturn is forcing an upturn in enrollment at Santa Monica College, it's also cutting into the number of available classes to those new students.

This semester, what has been your experience with the courses offered to you by the school?

"I needed to get 17 units and tried but I couldn't get them because of the budget cuts and the classes being dropped."

Yuki Hamasaki, 23, Economics Major

"Once you have a class it's much easier on you but if you're trying to crash classes, there is no way you're getting in. I mean I tried to crash four different English classes and I wasn't even able to get into one of them, so now I have an English class that is from 6 [pm] until 9:45 at night."

Alyson Bryant, 19, Dentistry Major

"Well when I do go to class, it's a lot of fun even though it's overcrowded. But I choose my professors through '' and through a lot of referrals but I'm really just here to get my grade and move onto the next level."

Max Schwartz, 20, Accounting Major