When Dreams Take Flight...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get your pilot's license? To be able to navigate the skies on your own and feel the freedom and exhilaration that it affords? After beginning her lessons 27 years ago, flight student Renee Engel decided to enroll in Skyward Aviation's flight instruction program to finally obtain her license.

Located at the Santa Monica Airport, Skyward Aviation offers complete instruction in all phases of pilotry. Renee's stage two lesson last Friday focused primarily on communication with air traffic control and navigation and landing. She flew from the Santa Monica Airport to Santa Paula Airport (about a 30 minute flight) and back. The final stage, stage three consists of the final exam in which the student must navigate and land without the aid of his/her instructor.

Stuart Cook, who grew up around aviation and founded the school about 11 years ago, enjoys teaching because of "the process of getting to know the students and taking them through the process of becoming knowledgeable and competent pilots."

For rates and more information visit Skyward Aviation's website at www.skyward-aviation.com.