Corsair Tips and Tricks: How to Pull an All-Nighter Without Pulling Out The Adderall

It seems like everyone on the planet agrees that sleep is a good thing and that people should generally sleep more. Scientists have even gone out of their way to prove that sleep has an amazing effect on the human mind and is a gateway toward higher intelligence.

Yes, forget about prescriptions, sleep seems to be out natural cure to every ailment. It's relaxing, pleasant and helpful.

How can anyone not encourage sleep? That's the question to ask the ruthless array of schoolteachers and college professors worldwide. These vile sadists give out insane amounts of work, which inevitably leads to students at one time or another pulling the dread all-nighter.

What was once a crown of achievement in high school has become commonplace amongst college students. Especially right now with finals right around the corner, it wont be hard to spot dreary red eyes and dragging feet throughout campus.

But before we get into the drastic measure of no sleep at all, let's take a look at a common, slightly more modest alternative that many students have begun taking advantage of.

These are some of my personal recommendations when it comes to surviving such a dreadful night.

When the situation is not dire enough to warrant abolishing sleep some students simply go to bed in the mid-evening and wake up at midnight. Four to five hours of sleep is enough to keep one sharp enough to study and at the very least they have around five solid hours, if not more.

Going to sleep and waking up early logically works better then going to sleep later because if you're forcing yourself to stay awake for those last two hours before you pass out in your bed, chances are you wont retain the information you've gained.

Now to the big dance, the official all-nighter.

If you know in advance that there is an all-nighter in your immediate future, be sure to get an abnormally large amount of sleep the previous night. This will help to keep you going longer through the beginning of the night before you start getting tired.

Make sure you have a good environment ready. Stay away from beds and couches and have a comfortable desk, or table set up.

Lighting is also very important. Fight your primal desire to remain in the dark at night. The more lights on, the more awake you will be.

However, this applies to everything but your computer. Turn it down to a dim setting. The glare can be a strain on your eyes.

Although reaching for a mega can of red bull or a triple espresso may be your first instinct, this is counter-productive.

Caffeine is your friend, but it is a friend with limits. Start off slow, and have a decent sized drink every two hours. Doing this will prevent crashing. Make sure to drink a caffeinated drink you enjoy. Whether coffee or tea, they'll both get the job done.

Remember, on average you are awake for sixteen hours of the day. Adding eight hours to your day warrants a fourth meal. Around one thirty is the best time for this meal.

Make sure it's high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates lead to a crash, and protein gives you a boost of energy, so be sure to snack away on protein filled snacks like bananas and blackberries.

Water is also an important staple to keeping up stamina, especially ice-cold water.

Moving around will keep your blood flowing, so take a shower in the middle of the night. If you can handle it take a cold shower.

Move around and get your blood flowing. Take a quick walk around the block. Try and stay as cold as possible. Remember, you don't want to be comfortable, no blankets, but keep the windows open.

Music can be a lifesaver when your eyes start to go. Make sure it's heavy and fast enough to keep you pumped, but not enough to distract you. Somewhere between Iron and Wine and Black Flag is a good place to be.

Although not necessary, taking some quick thirty-minute breaks can help to keep you on task. Just make sure not to take napping breaks. Teasing your body is never a good idea.

Do something exciting. For some this may be playing a video game, for others it's reading a book. If you decide to read, Mailer or Faulkner are both exciting enough to get your heart pumping.

If you stick to the plan, it shouldn't be a problem. But if you just can't hang on, don't worry, the sun will rise again.

Humans are meant to sleep. Your health is, and always will be more important than any presentation, report, or test.

Failing in school is better then failing in life. Now put this paper down and do some homework so you wont have to put any of this to practice!