The Call Of The Wild!

More than 17,000 wild animals have been rescued by the Wildlife California Center (CWC) since their opening in 1998. Being the only facility in Los Angeles and Orange Counties permitted to provide Marine Mammal response and rehabilitate fawns, CWC is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center that cares for injured, ill or orphaned native wild animals as coyotes, deer, hummingbirds, opossums, snakes and so on. The center is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, above Malibu Canyon, on 3.5 acres of land and composed of a wildlife hospital and emergency room,and several enclosures to house the animals waiting for their release. CWC is essentially funded by membership donations and grants and is in constant need of goods and volunteers as well as money. Cynthia Reyes, CWC Hospital Manager and Director of Marine Mammal Response, said: "If they have the means, donation of goods are always useful. If they can't donate money, that's fine, but if they can donate cotton balls, or paper towels or dish soap, you know all these things that we just go through."

To make a donation, give goods or obtain information about the volunteer program, call the CWC Office at (818) 222-2658 or visit To report information about or if you are in need of advice about injured or orphaned wild animals, call the CWC hospital at (818) 591-9453.