Thou Dost Enjoy the Renaissance Pleasure Faire!

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is a large outdoor weekend gathering that emulates and celebrates the Elizabethan and the Renaissance periods. Both periods are most notable for the explosion of creativity, scientific discovery and rich and elegant culture.

The original Renaissance Faire in the United States currently takes place at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area. The Faire features various troupe and guild gatherings, arts and crafts, belly dancing, various music, comedy shows, petting zoo, stage plays, carnival games and rides, food and much more. 

There are many items to purchase ranging from sculptures, toys, glass art, pottery and jewelry to scented oils, swords, incense, and wood, bone and stone ornaments.

Although the Renaissance represents Western European societies in the early 16th and 17th centuries, the Vikings, 18th century explorers, merchants, warriors and pirates, and even fantasy characters, such as wizards and elves, are also depicted at the festival.

The European Historical Fairs, in contrast, are more like living history museums where re-enactors perform at actual historical sites while narrators act as teachers.