Let the Games Begin!

Let the good times roll because fall sports are finally here and the Santa Monica College Corsair teams are getting ready for yet another year of challenging events.

Although the season may throw challenges their way, they are excited more than ever before to get a chance at claiming that ultimate, elusive goal of bringing home a championship.

All the wins they will accumulate and the losses they will try to avoid will accompany one adrenaline rush after another.

Supporting your favorite team by going to the games has never been easier as SMC students have free admission to the games, when supplemented with proper identification. A small fee for non-SMC students, as well as seniors is the only bump to your budget that you will experience at the ticket office.

From one team to the next, this season is shaping up to be one promising and amazing journey to success.

Not only are the teams getting ready for a wild and crazy season, so are their fans.

As one fan was asked if she expected positive outcomes for this season, her reaction could not be any more surprising.

"Hell yeah," said Vallery Hassan. "But word on the street is that our basketball teams are weak and coming from a high school with a [great] basketball team, I'm hoping they prove everyone wrong [by having a great] season. GO CORSAIRS!"

Aaron Benditson, head coach of the women's soccer team, took the time out to do a phone interview with the Corsair, explaining his goal for the team this season.

"We're a brand new team [and] we've already started our pre-season [with] one win and one loss," said Coach Benditson.

What can we expect from the women's soccer team, since it is a new team?

"I see a lot of potential contenders for a championship [because] that's our goal," said Coach Benditson.

When asked if there are any new or up-and-coming players to pay close attention to, Coach Benditson responded: "A new player to look out for is Brianna Edwards and a returning player to look out for is Kelsey Rock- she's the engine to the team, a leader on and off the field."

A lot of people have high expectations for the Corsairs sports teams this year. However, one student is more concerned with the type of play from one of the teams and not so much of their will to win.

"Football is my favorite sport because I like the adrenaline in seeing people get tackled and others making touchdowns," said Aliyon Richardson. 

Both the men's and women's water polo teams are onto a great start and if you love the water, then this is the team to support!

We're in for an incredible new season at SMC as the excitement, nervousness, anticipation and expectations are on high alert with the season commencing a little over a week ago.

Remember, with a great crowd comes a great win, so support your sport by getting involved! The Corsair encourages SMC students and staff to take part in all of our school's sporting events.

The men's basketball team's first game will be on Saturday, Nov 7, at El Camino College, with tip-off starting at 6pm.

On a side note, El Camino will be one of the teams that we will face in our non-conference tournaments along with Santa Ana, Compton and L.A. Southwest.

Other teams set to challenge the Corsairs this season will be Citrus College, LA Valley College and Glendale College.

Now remember, those are only IN-CONFERENCE. They will also face some teams from northern California, such as the Diablo Valley College Vikings, the L.A. Trade- Tech College Beavers and the current state champions, the Riverside College Tigers- and that's just to name a few.

As for the women's basketball play, the season will begin on Tuesday, Nov 24, at Moorpark College.

The men's football team's second home game will be on Saturday, Sept 19, at Bakersfield

Don't forget to check out the women's soccer game on Friday, Sept 25 at San Bernardino Valley College.

The men's water polo team game is scheduled for Friday, September 18, at an all day SMC Mini-tournament.

As for their counterpart, the women's water polo team's next home game will be held on Wednesday, October 7, at L.A. Valley College.
Remember, supporting your team is the first step in helping them defeat their opponent! Regardless of the outcomes of these games, their own people should still support SMC sports. So, invite everyone you know and have fun.