What's good to eat on budget and a time limit?

Imagining sitting on a bench in Paris at the beautiful and romantic Luxembourg garden with a hot grilled, fresh cheese, tomato and basil panini sandwich. It's rare that you'll find an authentic french "delicacy" in Southern California but Crepe Cafe on Third Street Promenade has traditional French style paninis(a grilled sandwich) and other European options.

Instead of the view of statues, perfectly manicured gardens, and fountains, take your meal to-go and walk five minutes to the Santa Monica Pier to enjoy the view of a sparkling ocean, tourists, and half-naked people.

Try a delicious savory or sweet crepe for under $10. Nutella crepes are one of the more popular options but some other popular crepes include the butter and marmalade crepes or the feta and spinach crepes.

In addition to the European style food, Crepe café also serves Tully's coffee and espresso. While lavazza and other independent coffee and espresso companies are the main sources of caffeine throughout European cafés, Tully's is not uncommon.

Try a cappuccino paired with a chocolate croissant, or le pain au chocolat as the French call it, for a morning snack. Or a fromage (cheese) panini for lunch.

Don't lose your parking spot (because we know it'll be near-impossible to get back).

Instead take the big blue bus number 7, which will drop you off on Third Street Promenade.