Day 6

I woke up early, hit the snooze, then slept in late. I left just in time to arrive at school 45 minutes early, drive around the parking lot aimlessly, and arrive to class five minutes late.

After class, I bought some cucumber/carrot/avocado sushi and a Chinese chickenless salad, and met John in the A.S. office. I was greeted with some smack talk about my "non-vegan" act of burger bearing, which was now printed for the whole school to see.

The sushi was good; the salad was sub-par. Those little crispy noodle they put on top had lost their integrity and were soggy.

After another five-hour class, I headed to Whole Foods on Wilshire and 23rd, to take care of all my "dairy" needs. I bought some soy cheese (I had a delicious idea recipe for tonight) almond milk fortified with calcium, soy yogurt (the idea of this freaks me out, but we shall see) and a lot of junk. When I'm stressed, I nosh. I bought some vegan chocolate, some "raw" chocolate covered cacao nibs, some more vegan cookies, and these vegan carrot cake donut holes (how bad could they be?).

Sitting in rush hour traffic for an hour, I ate half the chocolate bar, a few (plus a few more) handfuls of the cacao nibs, and four donut holes, which were quite delicious. Again... not psyched to weigh myself tomorrow.

For dinner I made a barbecue "chicken" Panini with some imitation barbecue chicken from my Trader Joe's run at the beginning of the week. I stacked the panini roll with the "chicken," laid a piece of soy cheese on top of it, and grilled it in my beloved panini maker. And it was bad.

Instead of being melty delicious, the cheese melted into oblivion. The sandwich lacked substance. It could have used some vegetables or something. Even grilling goodness couldn't save this sandwich.