CP5 Publishing



The home page displays a Features tab displaying the headline article from each section, as well as a Spotlight bar highlighting another article from each section. Articles must have images attached in order to appear in these presentations; if there are no articles with images available for a given section, that section's Feature tab will be removed until an article is available, and another section will get two Spotlights at the discretion of the Editor in Chief, Web Editor, or Managing Editor.


In CP5, the home page is divided into two main columns, each with an upper and lower division. The content that appears in each division will also appear in empty divisions of sub-pages. The Upper Right division contains the Twitter/Facebook buttons. The Lower Left division contains an updated feed of each section's most recently edited articles (this is based on articles being tagged in the proper categories). Any content added in these divisions will appear on every page of the site.

The Upper Left division of the home page contains the Spotlight bar and the Features Splitter, which splits that content into two columns. The right column contains the Photo Story photo gallery; if there is an article accompanying the photo story, it will appear below the gallery. The left column houses the Features tabs, which in turn hosts a teaser for each paper section.

Updating the Home Page

  1. In the left navigation bar, under Content Tree, click Corsair to open a new tab with the home page content on it.
  2. Click Spotlight to open the Spotlight tab.
    1. Click Edit.
    2. Add new content by copying the article and pasting under Articles

      Articles must have a photo attached in order to appear

      Photo galleries, HTML, lists, etc cannot be placed in the Spotlight bar

    3. Remove older content by clicking Remove

      There should always be exactly five articles; fewer will leave a blank area and more will create a second row in the display.

    4. Save the Spotlight and close when finished to return to the Corsair page.

  3. Click Features Splitter to open the Features Splitter tab
    1. Click Edit.
    2. Copy the photo gallery from the most recent Photo Story and paste into the right column.

      If there is an article to accompany the photo gallery, paste that below it.

    3. Remove the previous photo gallery and article.
    4. Save the Features Splitter.

  4. Click Features to open the Features tab.
    1. Be sure there is a Tab Title for each section that has a cover story with a photo

                                          i.    To add or remove Tabs, click Edit

                                         ii.    Input the updated number of tabs

                                        iii.    Be sure the Tab Names correspond with the section titles.

    1. Add a new teaser to each section:

                                          i.    Under the Tab Title, select Teaser from the drop-down box and click Create

                                         ii.    Copy the article and paste into Page

This automatically populates the Title, Sub-Title (if any), and Body

                                        iii.    Article images will be displayed as teaser images, or a new image can be attached to the teaser by clicking Create New Image.

                                       iv.    Check (ü) the Top Story box.

                                        v.    Save the teaser.

    1. Remove the previous teasers.
    2. Preview to be sure all photos are appearing correctly
    3. Save the Features tab.

  1. If there is a new poll or other content that should appear on every page throughout the site, copy and paste it into the Upper Right division of the Corsair home page.

    If that content should appear primarily on the home page, place it in the Bottom Right division.

  2. Save the home page.