Day 11

I had Whole Foods for breakfast. The once promising hot food bar had nothing I could eat, so I built my own sandwich. I had eggless-tofu-eggsalad, which tasted more authentic than you'd think.

At school I received a lot of attention from students on campus. "I read you in the paper." "Hey Veggie Girl!" They all asked how I was holding up, as if I was going 30 days without sleep, or water.

In my evening class, a woman sat next to me wearing a leather jacket, a leather purse, a leather laptop case and leather boots. Dang, that's like, a whole cow. My gaze peered from her boots to the items under my desk. WAIT! MY laptop bag is leather. The vegan guilt crept into me once again. This is an obvious case of me not being in the "no animal products" mindset, but it lead me to wonder: is there any way to live completely free of animal products?