Day 8

Friday morning, and my propensity toward hitting the snooze button multiple times left me rushing out the door with only enough time to grab a slice of apple spice bread. I was worried: Leeor and I were making a trek to Orange Country to drop off our Chapman applications, and I wasn't properly fed. I felt like I was going into a war zone without enough supplies.

After taking care of business, we sat down in Old Towne Orange County at a cafe called The Filling Station.

I ordered a sandwich with roasted veggies on a ciabatta roll, hold the mozzarella. I did ask our server, "Are the fries cooked on their own, or do they share oil with your chicken and fish?"

"Oh, no, they're cooked separately," she said. I didn't quite believe her, but what are you going to do? I did my due diligence in inquiring, and she told me what I wanted to hear.

The sandwich was good, and the fries were really good. Leeor has a mushroom Swiss burger, but luckily his was overcooked, so I wasn't too envious when staring at his plate.

After lunch he said, "I'm sorry, but I need chocolate."

Tucked away in a little corner, down a walkway and out of sight, was a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store. The store was incredible: chocolate covered anything you could imagine: Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes. It all looked amazing. I asked the lady behind the counter (whose name just happened to be Candy) what had milk in it.

"Unfortunately," she told me, "all the chocolate begins with evaporated milk."

Damnations. So I bought a candied apple, Leeor got a chocolate almond cluster, and we were on our way.

I was due to help Chris out on the set of his commercial. John was already there waiting for me. I stopped at home to pack a lunch. Chris had told us he was going to order pizza for the crew, "You can just take the cheese off." No, Chris, you can't, because it was touching the rest of it… and just buying it is supporting the companies who mistreat the animals… or something to that effect.

I felt isolated in the basement reheating our pasta while everyone else was upstairs chowing down Costco pizza. However, we did pique a few crew members' interests when we whipped out our vegan goodies. John munched on the candied apple while others stared lustfully.

"What is that?" "Where'd you get that?" and my favorite, "John, you're a lucky man." Damn right.

A couple crew members tried a bite of the spice bread and said they couldn't tell that it was vegan, as if they expected it to taste horrible.