Day 9

Soy yogurt is delicious. Sprinkle some granola and sliced banana on top, and you can't even taste the difference. I highly recommend it for yogurt lovers trying to cut back on dairy.

Hummus and pita chips have become a snacking staple since this experiment, and today was no different. I also ate my traditional vegan cookie, as well as an Annie's Organic samosa wrap, grilled on my if-you-weren't-a-machine-I'd-marry-you panini press, and it was bomb.

John and I both work at the same theatre. On my way to start my shift, I picked up some Mao's. Mao's Kitchen has two locations, one in Venice and one in Hollywood. Though the name is controversial to some, the cuisine caters to most. Just about anything on their menu can be ordered as vegan, and the food was pretty good.

I picked up a couple of spring rolls, some bok choy over chow fun (which I recommend!) and some Long-March camp fry, which was recommended to me by the guy taking my order. Everything was pretty good, and for $20 we got enough food for the two of us and then some. The sucky part was sitting in the corner, trying to mow some Mao in between shows. Like yesterday, everyone at work was eating pizza, and like yesterday, John and I were the odd men out.