Shout Out Louds alter mood and find new groove

Remembering names is hard.

They are even harder to remember when they are bands you think you don't know until you realize that you adore a song by them.

The Shout Out Louds may seem like a band you have never heard of before, but listen to one of their songs and you'll most likely recognize them. Their music is most frequently found on indie TV and film circuits like "The O.C." and "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist."

The Shout Out Louds, who hail from Sweden, are going bare bones on their third album, "Work," veering away from their usual staple of integrating guitars along with a string section and percussion, as they did on their last two albums.

With the help of producer Phil Ek, who has produced albums for the Shins, Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes, the simple, non-enhanced influence can definitely be detected in "Work," in which only piano, guitar and other non-techno instruments are used.

This band of Swedes are known for the upbeat, poppy, whimsical sounds that are paired with downhearted lyrics. "Work" contains much more positive, optimistic lyrics such as "even if I know that you're right, I still go on," and "so much to live for."

The album begins with "1999," a nostalgic look at the year that represented a time of adventure and mischief for the singer Adam Olenius. With its poppy melody, the song has an infectious beat that never seems to end. "Fall hard," uses the Shout Out Louds' signature sound, which fluctuates between desire and sadness.

The album has catchy tunes such as "Walls," that gives a great beat and confident lyrics. "Throwing Stones" has a country-guitar beginning that quickly turns towards indie rock, the perfect song for a hipster movie character riding his or her bike or motor scooter out onto the open highway.

"Four by Four," with its upbeat piano, is a simple tune with simple lyrics and melody, but a great song nonetheless. "Paper Moon," "Play the Game," and "The Candle Burned Out," are those pensive songs you listen to when you are lost in thought . "Show Me Something New" is the type of song you listen to when you're getting ready to embrace a great chorus and tambourine-incorporated melodies.

If you are in the mood for music that manages to be somehow both effervescent and melancholy (characteristic of the music from the darkly beautiful country of Sweden), "Work" is your best bet. You will not forget the name of the Shout Out Louds.