Splinter Cell: Conviction

There are few main characters that endure throughout the ages; Donkey Kong, Mario and Zelda are just a few. Now enter a recent protagonist who wishes to remain a mystery, a legend: a splinter cell.

Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction is the newest in the Splinter Cell series and it does not disappoint. Sam Fisher returns, but this time he's on a personal mission. His daughter was murdered, and one thing that men all over the world know is to never piss off a girl's father.

Utilizing stealth tactics, brutal interrogations, and cold-blooded executions, Sam Fisher tears his way through Iraqi soldiers, private military mercenaries, and Russian gangsters to get his revenge. The game play makes all of this almost intuitive, but for those who find it a bit tedious, there is an easier ‘difficulty level' setting. But even the easy setting is hard.

To put it simply, there are two methods to play the game. The easier method is to play it as it is meant to be played: stick to the shadows, mark and execute targets and play it as would a proper Splinter Cell. The other option is to run around, shoot at everything that moves and treat it like a typical "shoot ‘em up."

Combine the exciting game play with a great storyline and this game sells itself. Unfortunately, while the game play and storyline are top notch, there is a very noticeable difference from previous games. The multiplayer has gone from team-based to partner-based. There are five multiplayer options, with one of them directly related to the plot and the other four existing as stand-alones.

In the end, Splinter Cell: Conviction is a game that will hook you with its amazing story and intuitive game play. The multiplayer is a bonus, but is not the core. In the wake of massive multiplayer games such as Halo and Mario Party, there are still games that are meant to be played alone and Splinter Cell is one of the best. Forget about Final Fantasy XIII and Lightning. Get Splinter Cell and be Sam Fisher.