Cheap Eats: D-Town Burger


Many students are juggling jobs, school and the attempt to retain somewhat of a social life, and as a result few can afford eating out. So, I will gladly take on the task every week of finding the cheapest and most delicious restaurants for students to enjoy good food and great atmospheres.

This week I've made my way to Downtown Los Angeles and if you haven't been there lately then you've missed out on an electric growing metropolis that introduces new lofts, buildings, boutiques, and most importantly, restaurants.

Diversity fills the streets with different languages and enticing aromas which allow Angelinos to satisfy their craving for something new and unique, but If they're just aching for that all-American burger, then D-Town Burger Bar is the place to go.

The menu includes anything from their signature beef, turkey, and chicken burgers along with fries or onion rings to cheesy omelets with hash browns on the side. It always proves to do the trick when looking for something quick and cheap related to any meal of the day.

When you first walk through D-Town's doors, warm home-cooked scents fill the nostrils and you instantly bringing patrons back to the 1950s.

When asked what his favorite part of the diner was Eric Shomof, owner of D-Town Burger Bar, responded, "Seeing the neighborhood come alive with the retro feel of our diner and allowing the domino effect to continue with other businesses in Downtown."

With tunes pumping from the jukebox and retro Coca Cola ads decorating the walls, this restaurant evokes the feeling within customers that they've discovered downtown's own hidden time capsule.

When opening my combo burger bag at a popular fast food joint, I always receive a cold hamburger on a soggy bun that I pay $5.95 for. At D-Town Burger Bar, not only do you receive a juicy burger on a wheat or white bun, but you also receive a mix of crispy sweet potato and regular fries and a coke for just $6.95.

That extra dollar is worth paying for the excellent service, music, and friendly environment.

They even offer items without meat such as a veggie burger or a grilled cheese for all you vegetarians out there.

"I am a meat-eater but I order their veggie burger not only because it gives you that extra healthy kick but because it's simply scrumptious," stated Alex Poleto, a D-Town regular.

My personal favorite is the breakfast combo, served all day which comes with flavorful eggs, scrumptious hash browns, hot toast with butter, and a coffee or tea for just $6.50.

Sure, any diner offers that but not with the quality and price that D-Town provides.

Not only do you leave with a full stomach and wallet, but also a wide smile from knowing that it'll be there for you morning, lunch, dinner, and late-night. Meet you at D-Town!