Robyn's "Body Talk" has only little to say

When electro-pop queen Robyn announced earlier this year she was releasing a three-part album titled "Body Talk," fans and haters alike were keen to get their hands on it.

Robyn, who now has her own label called Cherrytree Records, seems to be finding herself in music more and more now that she has power over what exactly she's putting out there.

"Body Talk pt. 1," which debuted at #1 in her home of Sweden, is the mellowest of the three, with experiments in reggae and slower beats. "Body Talk pt. 2," however, debuts with the spunk and attitude that Robyn is famous for, sounding like something out of a discotheque videogame. And although the energy level of the album is off the charts, the songs never seem to live up to the meaning behind them.

With lyrics like "Stockholm syndrome and misery is your penalty for love crimes," one gets the feeling that these are not just your average bubblegum pop songs. Yet with all the intensity, the songs are missing a level of maturity. Perfect for your typical club scene, the album lacks intimacy with the single listener. Straddling the line between heartbreak and empowerment, "Body Talk" falls short of achieving legendary status.

The debut single from the album "Hang With Me," sounds like a cross between old-school Madonna and a more relaxed Lady Gaga. Robyn, who could be called the antithesis of Lady Gaga, is arguably one of the most talented women in her genre of music today. She has consistently come out with the most original and heart pumping music. Yet she has struggled to find the immortality of A-lister fame such as Britney Spears and Gaga.

It becomes apparent though that Robyn herself has been labeled as an outsider to where her music appeals mostly to indie and offbeat electro fans. If Gaga were to come out with the single "Hang With Me," it would immediately be a smash hit. Regardless of state or stature though, it is apparent which singer exceeds in talent.

Releasing three albums in one year is not a common thing for artists to do, but it does seem to work. The hype behind the "Body Talk" collection has been phenomenal, raising Robyn to the kind of stardom she's never had. If anything, "Body Talk pt. 1" and especially "Pt. 2" make listeners that much more pumped for "Pt. 3," which arrives later this year. Expected to be the most explosive and entertaining of the bunch, getting caught up on the first two parts of Robyn's electro chic-ness is probably a good idea.