TV picks: fall dramas

Only a couple weeks into the new fall TV season, and already a few shows have fallen flat on their faces. Fox's "Lone Star" and ABC's "My Generation" have already been cancelled due to low ratings. It's a shame for "My Generation's" writers.  It never had a chance to close all the doors it left wide open.  The show followed a group of nine people from the same high school over the past ten years.  The drama was laid on thick, but unfortunately its audience was nowhere to be found.

With "Lost" out of the picture for ABC, "The Event" steps perfectly into its role of epic drama for NBC.  The show's high budget is no secret when you tune in. It's visually pleasing, action-packed, and suspenseful. Blair Underwood and Jason Ritter are stellar in their roles and "The Event" promises to live up to the expectations of being the event of the season.

Disney veterans Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka star in "Hellcats," a new catty guilty pleasure on the CW.  It's like "Gossip Girl," but their obsession isn't money; it's cheerleading.

As she faces college, Savannah (Tisdale) is forced to come into her own after growing up in a very conservative family.  After joining the squad only for the benefit of a scholarship, Marti (Michalka) must balance her cheer schedule with the hours required to become a lawyer.  "Hellcats" likely won't be expecting an Emmy anytime soon, but it's definitely fun to watch.  Plus, the stunts these cheerleaders are pulling are really impressive.

"Blue Bloods" on CBS is your typical crime drama, in that it follows a crime scene that is resolved at the end of the hour.  This one's interesting though, because it follows a multi-generational family of NYPD officers.  Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) is the father to Jamie (Will Estes), Erin Reagan Boyle (Bridget Moynahan) and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg).  Yes, Donnie of New Kids on the Block, but don't worry. He can act pretty well from what he's shown so far.

Their personal lives haven't been investigated too deeply, but details of family secrets are slowly surfacing.  The crime scene of the latest episode about a kidnapped young girl was enthralling, but it was perhaps too quickly resolved.  The real drama kicks in with Danny's police brutality charges after he dips a suspect's head in the toilet.  He must now rely on his sister Erin to get him out of this deep water.

While overall the new dramas' ratings weren't so hot for any particular show other than "The Event," they all show potential.  Next week, we'll explore the returning shows and see if they are being threatened or if they're the only ones audiences can rely upon.

Don't forget: you can catch all of these shows online on their network's websites.