Taste of the World: Slovakian Christmas Soup

You know the saying, "Practice makes perfect?" Well, the practice part definitely applies to this week's recipe.

My dear friend Martina Hatalova provided me with a "Christmas Soup" recipe from her home country, Slovakia. Considering this is a soup, the measurements are up to each individual's preference, which made me a tad nervous.

Fortunately, soup is pretty easy to make and pretty easy to preserve, hence its Slovakian origins. This recipe became popular at a time when the majority of the Slovakian population lived on self-sustaining farms.

With a very small amount of food imports and exports, natives had to use what they could farm off the land, and make it last.

The difficulty came in the odd variety of ingredients. Never having been a fan of sauerkraut before, it was a challenge making a recipe with sauerkraut as one of the main ingredients.

In the end, the mixture of the broth, the vegetables, cream, and the meat made for a very interesting dinner.

Out of all the recipes I've made so far, this was not the best, but it was an excellent learning experience.

With soup you must have patience, and this recipe definitely taught me patience, as well as appreciation for trying new things.



1 white onion

1 jar sauerkraut

1 polish sausage

smoked ham

3 - 4 potatoes


dry plums

heavy whipping cream

olive oil

red paprika



3 bay leaves



Caramelize chopped onion in a deep pan

When onion is almost golden & soft add red paprika seasoning

Add smoked ham cut into small cubes

pour in some water

add 3 bay leaves, salt, pepper and let cook/boil for 20 min

Meanwhile in a different small pot simmer the sauerkraut with all juices from the jar and a little bit of water and red paprika till sauerkraut gets soft

Add sliced sausage (thin rings) & sliced bottom mushrooms to the soup-cook for 10 min

Add 3-4 potatoes cut into small cubes to the soup

After the sauerkraut is soft enough, add it to a soup as well

Add 8-10 dry plums

Let it all boil for another 10-15 min

Pour in half or less then half of the heavy whipping cream, let boil for another 5 min & then enjoy