The San Fernando Valley Radio Control Flyers

There are many different kinds of hobbies, knitting, collecting baseball cards, or playing an instrument. To some, it's a way of spending their free time. Here at The San Fernando Valley Radio Control Flyers field, aircraft model enthusiast's from all over Southern California gather to share their love for the hobby. Helicopters and airplanes fly gracefully through the skies, doing advanced flying maneuvers under the control of their skillful pilots, who have taken the time to build and set-up there equipment. These miniature sized aircraft are either fueled by Nitro (a mixture of methanol, oil and nitro methane) or are electric powered. Due to their relatively small size, many unfamiliar to the hobby may consider them as "toys" however there have been many reports of injury even death due to these miniature planes and helicopters and should not be underestimated. There are many different types of planes and helicopters zipping around the flying field, the range includes, sport, aerobatic, trainers ,ducted fan, gliders, scale models (which are replicas of their full sized counterparts) and turbine powered jets and helis. Helicopters are also able to do advanced maneuvers and they can even hover upside down which comes to a shock to people who have never seen them in action before.  Speed's can get very fast, with some planes traveling over 200mph and costing more than a small car. Although many of the models are quite costly, there are many budget friendly easy to fly RC models that make the hobby both fun, accessible, and worry free for a novice.