Life's a game for SMC club

What started as a "thought" project to bring different clubs on campus together has now turned into a project that has games, animation and effects (GAX) club members fired up about the possibilities and future opportunities that may be in store for them. While most college clubs are dedicated to the appreciation and common interest of a particular topic, Inter-Club Council Vice Chair and GAX club member David Stavis explained that the GAX club takes a different approach to the typical club agenda.

"GAX is really a creation focus club," said Stavis. "We are a bunch of like-minded passionate people who get together to make our aspirations a reality."

As an ICC representative, Stavis wanted to bring other clubs together on collaborative projects and although it has proved difficult, the final project idea is an exciting new adventure that Stavis and his team - which includes Trevor Von Klueg, Lucas Allmon and Taylor Whitfield - are more than willing to see it through to the finish.

Stavis said that when the team first met they came up with three pretty solid ideas but when it came down to it, one stood out above all else. He explained, "The one we decided upon was one that was within our means to accomplish quickly and easily. It was compelling for the market we want to put it in which is smart phone applications."

The team described the game as a Tetris-esque narrative puzzle game - one that can be played in short bursts anytime.

Team member Lucas Allmon explained, "It's very casual oriented so you really want grandma to give it a spin as well as your seven year old brother. It doesn't necessarily have to appeal to that wide of a demographic but since its targeted at people who pick up and play a little bit at a time it's important to cover that spectrum."

Stavis feels that there is no lack of motivation to work on the project. "Ambition is a big hurdle for any game developer because we all have huge dreams," he said. "I felt really good about this project because it's so compelling and so fun"

The team expects to be in pre-production for about two semesters. However, Stavis insists that pre-production is the most important part of game production.

He also thinks the composition of the team is really solid and says he is only looking for a few more components to add which includes an environmental background artist and perhaps some more programmers.

The Club meets every Monday at 5:30 on the AET campus in room 102 and is always looking for people who are passionate and want to contribute to the project.