Armie Hammer reflects on rising stardom

Rushing from meeting to meeting with some of the most influential people in the film industry is what Armie Hammer has recently found to be his daily routine. Hammer experienced an explosion of fame after his breakout role in "The Social Network," playing both Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler.  


"Yesterday I had a meeting with Ron Howard. It was just me and Ron Howard sitting and talking. That's something I don't think would have ever happened eight months ago," says Hammer.  


While Hammer can't yet reveal many details about his meetings for various projects, "Things are happening," he confirmed. All he can currently mention is that he is in fact in pre-production for an unknown film.  


After what Hammer calls "an embarrassingly short amount of time" at UCLA as a business major, he made the decision to leave and pursue acting full time.  


"It was a decision made out of necessity," said Hammer. "There is nothing I loved more than learning and there was nothing I loved more than knowledge. But the college I chose, the teachers I chose, they were all diametrically opposed to who I was."


If not for that decision, Hammer might not be in the position he is today.  


"Before, I felt I was fighting an uphill battle in a lot of ways and just hearing ‘no' every single day," said Hammer. "For the first time in my career I'm sort of afforded this opportunity of choice so it's really like a surreal place to be," he said.  


Thanks to the mega-blockbuster "The Social Network," Hammer's life will not likely ever be the same.  


"It's changed. Not because I've changed. But the perception of what I can do has changed," Hammer said.  


On his journey, Hammer has found not only success but also a few new friends. Despite playing enemies with many of his cast mates on-screen, Hammer says the entire cast became close.  


"It was a bunch of young guys who all loved what they did," he said. "So we were all interested in creating the best project we could and helping each other out when we could. So I would say as a result of that, I'm definitely friends with everyone from the cast."


"I count my blessings everyday to be a part of something like this," said Hammer.


For the ladies saddened by the news that there aren't two of him, you might be more disappointed to learn that as of this past May, he's happily married – and after seven months of marriage to journalist wife Elizabeth Chambers, Hammer's honeymoon phase is far from over.  


"I would have more fun spending a night in our house giggling and having fun with her than even going to the Academy Awards or anything like that," he said.  


"My biggest reward is my wife. The fact that I get to live, cohabitate, and love my best friend in the entire world is the greatest thing. It's honestly the best part of what I have going in my life."