My Brother's Fall From Grace

My brother Carlos and I are two years apart. He's the younger one. Over the years, our relationship has been one of love and hate - all due to the drug addiction he's been facing, which I'm only now beginning to understand. He started out with such promise in life, but the peer pressure to fit in among a rough crowd in his public school made him cave to his conviction and test out a myriad of previously off-limits substances. He is an incredible artist with so much potential for a great career in the art industry.

He started with cigarettes. The moment is still vivid in his mind, and you can tell it affects him greatly.

Then it turned into nighttime escapes where he and a few friends would get drunk. This type of crowd later introduced him to pot, cocaine, and then the worst drug that has kept his life in shambles ever since - heroin – aka: Our Devil.

The low points have been endless arguments and estrangements within our family.

He went into rehab last Friday. We talk every day, but I'm always waiting for that other shoe to drop.

I never understood until I started learning more about addiction, and stopped thinking it was something he was doing to us. I love him and I hope he stays healthy. I wish I could take away whatever fear and hurt that drove him to this predicament.

We came from a "good" family, and I'm living proof that it can happen to any family, no matter how much you try to prevent it or how loving your parents are. You just have to do your best and try to do everything you can to prevent drugs from entering your family's life.



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