Silverstein returns with "The Rescue"

Canadian underdogs, Silverstein, are back with their fifth studio album Rescue, which won't leave the eager listener disappointed after hearing the 12-track album. Silverstein has been blowing out speakers since 2000. Within 11 years, their growth in music has been translated in their newest album. Each track offers something different from the breakdowns to intense vocals to hardcore drumming to rhythm guitar, keeping their fans and new listeners captivated.

Out of the 12 tracks featured on the album, two songs from Silverstein's Transitions EP (2010), "Sacrifice" and "Replace You," made their way onto the album. Multiple songs on the album bring back nostalgic memories of Silverstein circa 2005 with their stand out album Discovering the Waterfront. Tracks like "The Artist" start off fast, pumping adrenaline through the listener's veins as the intense vocals of Shane Told and counterpart Brendan Murphy shout encouraging lyrics like "we stand and illuminate, we fight through and prevail  (we will prevail). We don't stop where you'd be giving up, we won't ever fail." In addition, "The Artist" drops a simple breakdown towards the climax of the track that sparks the interest of wanting to be in a mosh-pit in that exact moment as the band continues to carry out the track with a strong ending.

Other tracks on the album hold a solid sound and strong foundation. Songs like "Texas Mickey" featuring Anthony Raneri of Bayside, proves new elements to Silverstein's sound. The song opens with the unique sound of the rhythm guitar and Told's vocals screaming with ease. What make the song amazing are the vocal talents of Raneri, as he appears on the track towards the end with his simple, yet impacting verse. His eloquent vocals bring a mellow sound as Told screams with strength behind it.

Tracks like "Intervention" and "Sacrifice" draw in the listeners with the lyrics, the breakdowns, and the power Silverstein delivers without showing signs of weakness. One track that holds personal meaning to front man Shane Told is the last track on the album "In Memory Of",which is about his cousin who died in 2006.

The entire album holds elements of new and old sounds that will bring back hardcore Silverstein fans and create new ones. Rescue is one of the best albums Silverstein has produced and demonstrates their worth in the industry. It's clear that Silverstein is progressing with their new label Hopeless Records.

Rescuejust proves that Silverstein can't be compared to any post-hardcore band existing today, because the sound they deliver is the element that makes Silverstein worthy of sticking around, while the new generation of post-hardcore bands merely attempt to make their name on the scene. As veterans in the game, they continue to grow in the right direction, one that will earn them the recognition they deserve.