Take a trip to Treats on Ocean Park

Frozen yogurt is not exactly what most people would call a meal, or even food for that matter. It's really more of a dessert something to enjoy on a hot day with your family, significant other or friends.

Treats Frozen Yogurt & Ice Bar is a walk just short of five minutes from the Santa Monica College main campus, located on 17th and Ocean Park.

On the inside, it is a modern, well-furnished yogurt shop that definitely looks much nicer than your average neighborhood yogurt spot.

The flavors available usually change from day to day, and free sample tastes are provided. My choice ended up being peanut butter.

As soon as I took the first spoonful of the peanut-butter-flavored yogurt, I knew it was delicious. The representation of the flavor matched the richness of the real thing, but still had the refreshing feel of frozen yogurt.

The prices at Treats are not regulated by the weight of your product, like at many popular competitors, but according to the size of your cup.

Treats offers seven different frozen yogurt cup sizes, from six to 32 ounces, ranging in price from $2.50 to $8.50. The most popular size is the eight-ounce cup. The choices of toppings are extremely similar to a well-known yogurt shop competitor.

Don't be alarmed! Even though an eight-ounce cup might sound like a small amount, it really is not. I ordered two toppings, and my cup was filled well above its limit, and proved to be enough for an afternoon treat on a sunny day at a reasonable price.

Aside from the frozen yogurt, Treats also offers a multitude of shaved ice flavors.

I'm glad to have given Treats a chance that left me positively surprised. The frozen yogurt I tried was beyond delicious, and the prices were fair. Even though this might not be a place I go everyday, it's definitely a place I'll go back to again. I'd recommend Treats to anyone looking for a cold refreshing treat on a beautiful hot day.

Simon Luca ManiliComment