You’re Muslim right? That’s pretty exotic

it’s messed up how they show your people as so chaotic

My people? Who’s that? The people on the screen?

My people come in all colors, races and creeds.

I’m Muslim, I’m American, I play lacrosse for fun.

What? They have lacrosse in the country where you’re from?

Yeah we got it all, it’s the land of opportunity!

wow, that sounds a whole lot like a democracy!

Well I give up, can you just tell me where you’re from?

No not Inglewood, where are you really really from

I’m really really from my mom, and we’re Yemeni and Ethiopian.

Oh that’s a cool mix! But your accent is so American!

And that’s a nice turban you got on, but I really wanna see your hair.

Why do you have to wear a scarf, dont you get hot under there?

Oh my hijab? It’s alright I got used to it

and you wanna see my hair? sorry babe, gotta put a ring on it

So if you are Muslim  AND American, what kind of food do you eat?

Cereal, noodles, chipotle, but I can’t get any of their meat.

Oh ya I forgot, that’s against your religion

No, it just has to be halal, I tried but im not vegetarian.

That’s cool, we should get falafel some time, or go to a hookah café

I know this place where all the moslems go, and serve hummus all day.

Well let me tell you one more thing, Islam’s not only an Arab thing

Oh yeah, it’s Pakistani too, right? Well Islam has no nationality.

It’s as personal as a crush or someone’s sexuality

and I was always taught tolerance over brutality

and if these sound like familiar patriotic customs,

then you see it’s not such a paradox to be a proud American Muslim.